ice cream cake!

This is such a quick (minus the freezer time) and easy recipe, you should all make this for a summer party, or just to keep in your freezer for yourself! The ingredients can all be changed, I used cookies and cream ice cream instead of vanilla, and mint cookies instead of plain. I’m sure you could change up the cookie type and cake flavor also!

The recipe called for regular oreos, but I used these instead. I wanted a bit of mint flavor, and buying Newman’s makes me feel a bit better than buying Oreos. I know, it’s reaching.

Ice Cream Cake, original recipe from the kitchn


  • One 13-ounce package Oreos or chocolate sandwich cookies, plus additional to garnish if desired
  • 16 ounces chocolate cake, such as a storebought chocolate pound or bundt cake
  • 2 quarts vanilla ice cream, very soft
  • 1 cup chocolate sauce, such as Oreo Hot Fudge Sauce, warmed
  • 4 ounces dark chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon butter


  1. Prepare a 10-inch springform pan by greasing extremely lightly with butter or baking spray. Roughly chop or crumble the sandwich cookies into quarters or smaller bite-sized bits, and divide into three parts. Crumble the cake into a large bowl, and stir in about 1/3 of the crumbled sandwich cookies.
  2. Dump in about 2/3 of a quart of very soft vanilla ice cream, and stir gently but thoroughly until the cake and ice cream are well-combined. Press this mixture into the bottom of the springform pan.
  3. In a separate bowl, mix the remaining 1 1/3 quarts vanilla ice cream with another 1/3 of the crumbled cookies. Swirl in about 1/2 cup of the chocolate sauce. Press this on top of the cake mixture in the springform pan; it will come nearly up to the top of the pan.
  4. Press the remaining cookies into the top of the cake and drizzle the remaining sauce over top, swirling it and pressing it in so it doesn’t run over the side of the pan.
  5. Lightly cover the cake pan and freeze for at least 4 hours, ideally overnight.
  6. When ready to serve, let the cake sit at room temperature for about 5 minutes, and run a knife around the inside of the cake pan. Open the springform mold gently; it should release easily from the slightly melted cake. Re-freeze the unmolded cake while you prepare the chocolate.
  7. *Gently melt the chocolate with the butter over low heat in a small saucepan. When completely melted, drizzle over the ice cream cake and serve in big wedges with additional cookies to garnish, if you need one last dose of crunchy cookie!

*I didn’t follow this step, I would say it’s optional!

monster cookies.

last night i made cookies. COOKIES. as far as i can tell, this is another trend i’m behind on. i’ve seen these all over the internet. and i never made them. but then a very good friend of mine requested them for his birthday. and i would never deny a cookie request.

yup, that’s a cookie in a cookie. to be more specific, it’s an oreo inside a giant chocolate chip cookie. i mean, GIANT. you can probably tell how giant just by seeing the size of the oreo inside of it.

to make these, you take a regular scoop of cookie dough that you would use to make one cookie, and put it on either side of an oreo. as you can see here, the birthday boy also requested marshmallows. so there are a few mini marshmallows on either side of the oreo. then you use all of your sculpting skills from art school (i knew those would come in handy some day!) to form the dough around the cookie. i had to add more around the sides on most of them to be sure they stayed closed.

this is what the unbaked cookie looked like. i wish i had taken a photo of it in my hand so you could understand the size of these things. six of them on a giant baking sheet was pushing it. they were like giant cookie dough snow balls….or something.

as you can see, the cookies held their shape rather well (i stuck them in the freezer for about 5 minutes before baking, i’m sure that helped) but were so huge i did have one collision. the smaller cookies in the middle are regular sized chocolate chip cookies i made using the “scrap” dough. (no dough is scrap dough when it comes to chocolate chip cookies).

right out of the oven, i had to cut into one just to see what it looked like. epic.

monster cookie’s little brothers. they were missing their oreo. happy birthday mike!